New Book – “Driven” By Tony Pearson

Driven: My Secret Untold Story

A Memoir By Tony Pearson
Driven: My Secret Story
The legendary, Tony Pearson (“The Michael Jackson of Body Building”), provides a glimpse into his life with his debut memoir Driven: My Secret Untold Story. This is not any ordinary book about Tony’s passion for bodybuilding, rather it’s an autobiography about his real-life hardships, and the extreme struggles he endured to ultimately reveal the nature of the human spirit’s drive for survival and triumph. Written and published by Tony Pearson himself, in his own words, find out what made Tony the man he is today.

This emotional memoir covers the life of a man whose determination to rise above abuse and impoverished life circumstances lead to a remarkable career and global recognition as an American bodybuilding champion. Learn more about Tony Pearson’s career.

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