Weight Training

Weight Training

Tony Pearson is a professional weight trainer in Las Vegas. He can help you achieve a sculpted body unique to you with a weight training program designed specifically to your individual needs. Tony, who has won numerous national and international bodybuilding titles, both in individual and couples competitions, can guide you in shaping, toning and increasing your muscular size, strength and power. Getting fit will enhance your confidence and self-esteem. Power lifting and even competition can provide a fun and fulfilling social experience as well as provide many health benefits that come with building muscle mass.

Weight Management

Tony will help develop a unique weight training program that will fit your individual needs. Your body burns calories at an increased rate due to recovery from the mini-trauma induced by weight training. This helps to increase your lean body mass by reducing body fat. Weight training is an essential part of an overall exercise program to maintain or reduce your weight, increasing your metabolism by enhancing muscle tone, strength and lean muscle mass.

Cardiovascular Health

A few weight training sessions, a week, have been proven to reduce visceral fat (also known as brown fat) and strengthen heart health. A study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that resistance training also dilates blood vessels, reduces blood pressure and increases blood flow to the extremities.

Bone Density

Weight training can counteract the gradual loss of bone mass, particularly in women, increasing bone density and in some cases building new bone. It also helps to prevent fractures by improving coordination and balance.

Start Your Weight Training Program Today

Tony Pearson can help you achieve your individual fitness goals by his expert guidance as a weight trainer, just as he has as a personal trainer to the stars both on the East and West coasts. He can design a program to accommodate your current level of fitness, building your strength gradually and safely. So, start your journey and contact Tony to design a personal weight training program in Las Vegas today.