Success is hard work and doesn’t happen overnight for anyone. Over the years Tony has helped many clients get and stay fit and it’s always amazing to see the results. Read some of Tony’s reviews below, or share your own success story!

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“Tony Pearson’s expertise, knowledge, and caring heart make what could be a dreadful experience into a life-changing experience!!!! He has shown me through proper training and nutrition advice that I can do this!!!! That I can change my life one day at a time. Dedication and focus came out that I never knew I had with the encouragement from Tony not only motivating me in the gym but my life!!! Thanks, Tony!” – Melissa R.

“Tony is an outstanding personal trainer. He trained me while he lived in Germany. We were body sculpting using light weights and also working on my conditioning. He gave me advice on different safety aspects and how to train more effectively using light weights. He also knew what exercises were most effective for my body. He let me try out dozens of variations of exercises which eventually led to faster achievements. Even today I still use the knowledge and experience I gained from the workouts with Tony. One of the aspects is for example how to mentally connect to my muscles during the exercises. Besides being a professional, Tony is a great teacher. He was patient, punctual, very encouraging and also challenging, which helped me achieve my goals and made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend Tony to anyone regardless of their training goals, age, male or female.” – Olga S.

“Tony is a legend from the golden age of bodybuilding whose training methods have kept up with the times. He is not like the other trainers who just study personal training and have unimpressive physiques; Tony has done all the exercises he trains me with. I increased my bench press 100 pounds after three months of training with Tony because the training program was individually tailored to meet my needs. Tony also trained my wife, and she dropped 10 pounds and increased her muscle tone in a month. His methods are tried and true, no gimmicks, no tricks, just precise training techniques, and solid diet advice. Training with him has shown me I can achieve my fitness goals.” – Paul H.

“I am a technology professional with a crazy work schedule in Miami. I trained with Tony Pearson for almost a year and during that time I built the foundation needed for a lifetime of effective and safe weight and conditioning training. Tony knew when my mental focus was where it needed to be: on the muscle I was training. When it wasn’t, he would call me out. It blew me away how engaged he was during my training sessions! He helped me develop muscles that I didn’t know existed with proper form and technique. Tony’s years of experience as a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer showed when he quickly aligned with my aesthetic goals and the most effective way to get me there. Tony was consistently reliable, professional, and passionate about helping me achieve my fitness goals.” – T.J.A.

“Tony Pearson has been my inspiration since the 80’s back in Cuba living in a small town by the ocean. Time passed by and the dream came true. Finally, I’m here in Vegas and I have the honor to train with him. Now I’m in my forties and I have the best shape of my life thanks to him. A good teacher explains – a great teacher demonstrates. That’s what he is, a great teacher and a great trainer. He puts all his heart and passion to help people improve. He loves bodybuilding and he is an example of hard work and dedication. Thank you, Tony, one more time.” – Angel, Las Vegas

Before & After Photos“Before I went to see Tony, I was extremely skinny and unable to put weight on myself and didn’t know the proper technique on any workouts. I wanted to get big lats, big legs, and generally gain weight and fill out. Tony really pushed me and didn’t just do a cookie cutter routine for me. Since I had fractured my spine a few years ago he customized everything and showed me the proper technique as to not get hurt and that you don’t need to lift big to get big. In just around 4 months I gained 20 pounds and really filled out in my legs, chest, and back. Everyone at work noticed the results and were extremely impressed. I started deadlifts at just over 100lbs and now can lift 260lbs. There seriously isn’t anyone who knows his stuff like Tony. I still have a long way to go till I reach my goal but I owe a lot to him.” – Andrew